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Our products are made with the finest freshest ingredients available by a true second generation 100% Italian.


All fresh nothing dried or reconstituted.

 Each ingredient is chosen for its flavor its freshness and its health benefits. 

We do not use any sugar of any kind nor do we use any preservatives.

 Our Garlic is from the Gilroy region of California where we believe the best tasting and healthiest garlic in the world is grown. It is sliced not diced or pureed to give greater flavor and a wonderful look to the incredibly homemade tasting sauce.

 Our salt is an ultra pure variety of Himalayan Sea salt, one of the healthiest salts on the planet with over 30 vitamins and minerals as well as adding unsurpassed flavor

Our olive oil is extra virgin and produced using an age old method without any chemicals. It has a wonderful aroma and flavor even when it isn't in our sauce.

Our tomatoes are San Marzano seed grown in the wonderful sunny California where the tomatoes are picked only at their peak of flavor. They are  sweet not bitter thus no sugar is needed.

Our basil is fresh and hand prepared to remove any stems, and to select only the best leaves for our sauce.

Our onions are sweet and diced to give texture and true Italian flavor throughout the sauce.

We saute our garlic and onions  separately, they are not just added to the mix. But are  treated with the care and respect they deserve and prepared as any good Italian chef would.

We slow cook our sauce to ensure the flavors become one, and produce its outstanding eat if from the jar flavor.

We meticulously blend out sauce in small batches carefully watching and protecting it with love,before it is ready to bottle and be enjoyed for its wonderful flavor.

All this time preparation and care comes together to create our ultra premium unforgettable sauce. 

Because at Sperare Foods it the way its made TM 

Our Story


We started this labor of love over 11 years ago with a pot that our founder purchased at an auction in Manhattan for $20 and rode back down 5th avenue tied to the handlebars of his bicycle. 

It was from a diner that was close to the United Nations building and it must have been used for soups and stocks for those from all over the world. its interesting as this fits our global goal to be across the country and around the world with our sauces. 

From his modest home recipes began to be created and his friends and family raved.

He was not a stranger to great Italian food as his mother who died when he was young, cooked the traditional Italian feast every Sunday. In his teens he learned to cook  from  his Dad, a wonderful cook would whip up fantastic Italian specialties after  he came home from work, with an effortless ease. 

Members of his family had restaurants and his appreciation of food grew. He experienced some of the best food in Manhattan eating at the finest restaurants  and through this he learned what truly great food was.

These experiences combined with his unquenchable desire to prepare the best possible mouthwatering sauces  is what is now Sperare Foods.

 To your good appetite. 

Our Mission


My brother Frank always said the difference between mediocrity and excellence is detail.

We are about detail in every aspect of our sauce and this detail allows us to achieve our mission.

Our detail is in every fresh basil leaf hand prepared and chosen for its freshness and flavor. To our salt that is inspected grain by grain to ensure purity for you our customer.

Our mission is to present to you a truly fresh homemade taste experience that you would be proud to call your own.

We believe Sperare Marinara tomato sauce is that experience. Only by using the finest select fresh ingredients, ingredients like you would  choose if you made a sauce in your own home, is this achieved.

Great as a spaghetti sauce, great as a sauce over chicken,meat,seafood, vegetables or just out of the jar with a spoon.

Our mission is not just the sauce but using it as a vehicle for change. we are involved with homeless shelters, helping homeless( many of whom served our country as  veterans) reestablish their lives,animal shelters who care for homeless animals to find good homes  for them and helping  others in need.

Because we are more than just mouthwatering sauces.


Jennie, Centerport New York


Not only does it taste great but if fills the room with such a wonderful smell

Mary, Glen Cove New York


You have to try this sauce its amazing.

Joanne, Virginia beach Virginia


This sauce is fresh and alive and has such a wonderful flavor.

 You have something people want keep it up.

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Sunday June 23 10am-5pm,Monday June 24 10am-5pm,Tuesday June 25 10am-4pm - Event ends Tuesday June 25 4 pm

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June 23 - 25 2019

Fancy Food Show Manhattan NY

A gathering of the finest specialty food producers  in this country and from  around the world.

Sunday June 23 10am-5pm,Monday June 24 10am-5pm,Tuesday June 25 10am-4pm - Event ends Tuesday June 25 4 pm

Jacob K Javits Convention Center 655 w 34th st NY NY 10001

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